The Foundation has now closed. This site is no longer maintained, and is for reference only. Be sure to explore the insights from our four year journey.

The Foundation



We provide a launchpad in the form of a package of support, over one year, to enable you to survive your difficult early days and blast off! This support consists of; funding, expertise and connections.


We provide up to to £50,000. Our funding can be used for either the core costs of your organisation, such as staff salaries and overheads, or project costs.


We provide a tailored package of support designed with the social start-up in mind. Coordinated by us, our package of support is provided by our tech company partners, specialist consultants and members of our team.

Our expertise focuses on five key areas:

  • icon 1: Strategy We support you to work out where you want to get to and how you’ll get there.
  • icon 2: Leadership We support you to have an exceptional leader at the helm.
  • icon 3: Model We support you to improve your model.
  • icon 4: Skills We support you to build your skills, particularly in tech, digital marketing, communications and organisational development.
  • icon 5: Investment We support you to generate funding to ensure a successful future.


We provide opportunities for you to grow your network. We find and connect you to the right people who can help you to achieve your vision. We do this in our day-to-day work but we also create opportunities to bring people together through several initiatives, such as our events programme, Discovery Programme, and Nuts and Bolts.

A partner who gets it

We understand what it’s like to be a social start-up. We get that things are unlikely to go to plan. And we understand the importance of being able to experiment and to fail, to learn what does and doesn’t work. We stay focused on your vision, rather than hold you to a rigid plan of action that might not lead you towards this. We share your passion for your organisation and will do everything we can to help you launch it.

The end result

By the end of our partnership we aim to have helped propel your organisation forward. The result of each partnership will be different but, broadly, we work together towards achieving two things:

  1. A tested and proven idea for transforming young lives that shakes up the way organisations and people think and act.
  2. A capable organisation that can support and scale their idea.

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