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You’ve opened our stories scrapbook where you can meet some of the inspirational people we’ve worked with along the way. No two people are the same, so neither are two scrapbook pages...

Amy and the seven billion stories


Amy is one of the inspirational co-creators reaping the benefits of Star Track, Spark & Mettle’s flagship programme. Once someone lacking in confidence, Amy is now well on her way to making her dream career as a writer a reality so it only seems right to let her own words tell this story.

My Spark

My dream job is to be a storyteller, in the form of a Novelist or Journalist. I’m never without a notebook.

What held me back?

I let myself down at school. I allowed people to humiliate me to the point where I refused to go in and as a result, I wasn’t permitted to hand in any coursework or sit any exams. Despite developing many skills outside of an educational environment, I know my lack of qualifications was closing a lot of doors. I lacked in confidence and was reluctant to put myself forward for positions that I know I could comfortably succeed in. I only ever focused on the negative aspects of my personality and writing. Star Track has helped me overcome this.

My Mettle

I have OCD and anxiety. Cognitive behavioural therapy, in the past, never worked, but now Star Track has reintroduced it to me, I will try again. Resilience and assertiveness sessions have allowed me to understand the problems confronting me. I’ve taken the advice and been able to put it all into practice.

Positive emotions

I’m starting to believe in myself. Spark and Mettle sprinkled their sparkly magical career fairy dust and introduced me to Jessica Ruston, an incredible author. I started the programme despising my novel and convincing myself I would never submit it to a literary agent. Hearing Jessica’s road to publication opened my eyes. Positive emotions are vital to success and I’m planning on incorporating them into my life more often. Six months ago I was stuck in a heap of anxiety and doubt.

Star Track has literally changed my life. It will forever be ingrained in my mind as the best six months of my life. Amy with Star Track pal, Taiwo
Amy with Star Track pal, Taiwo
Fact File

Paid work gained during Star Track:

  • Writing piece for TV Presenter Cherry Healey
  • Consultant for Nominet Trust’s new evaluation tool centred on storytelling

Additional support given by Spark and Mettle:

  • Edited and offered guidance with CV
  • Read through and edited draft of first novel

Other awesome achievements:

  • Public speaker at The Flourish Fest
  • Wrote an article for Spark and Mettle newspaper
  • Guest posted on their blog
  • Became a Spark and Mettle ambassador

Career experts Amy was connected to:

  • Jessica Ruston (Novelist)
  • Matt Greene (Novelist)
  • Rachel Petty (Fiction Editor at Mcmillan Publishers)

Life after Star Track:

  • Amy has written 5 novels
  • She is reaching out to literary agents
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