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You’ve opened our stories scrapbook where you can meet some of the inspirational people we’ve worked with along the way. No two people are the same, so neither are two scrapbook pages...

Ernest - Uganda’s star baker


I live in a remote village. I was looking for baked products but there was nothing. I thought ‘I should make them.’ And that is where it all started.

I am Ernest and I’m running a cake business. My company is called Satiety Bakery. I started last year when I was still in school.

My parents gave me some initial capital. I managed to get an oven and began making small cupcakes, which I supplied to the small shops nearby to me. I was earning an extra 10,000 or 20,000 Ugandan shillings.

“I wasn’t always good at cooking. I taught myself how to bake and perfected it.”

At some point I became reluctant. I thought it was too much work. But Educate! picked me up. I applied to the YBA programme because I wanted to grow mentally and learn about business. You need support and advice.

I was given a mentor; Mentor Carole. She told me “You can’t do anything unless you set your mind to it”. It’s what you call will power! She gave me this.

When I came back from school I started putting in more effort. I started packaging my products and I would go with a sample and tell businesses they can earn money by selling my products. I managed to win a school, two schools actually. I supply them with cakes.

“My parents look at me and see that their young boy has grown up and can do things by himself.”

I’ve learnt there must be two things. Quantity and quality. When you blend and get the perfect mix between the two the market will get bigger. One day I hope my cakes will compete with others, nationally and I will have my own baking factory.

Mentor Carole has watched over me like a saint and my business has grown and grown.

“If I am given the chance to mentor other Educate! Graduates in the future I will take it. I want to change something about this world.”

I look forward to growing and having Carole and Educate! by my side.

If I had a superpower for one day I would...

A quick tour of my kitchen!

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