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You’ve opened our stories scrapbook where you can meet some of the inspirational people we’ve worked with along the way. No two people are the same, so neither are two scrapbook pages...

Donnas - the man behind the entrepreneurs’ of Alcholiland

Meet Donnas, an inspirational young man who heads up the KATI programme in Northern Uganda.

In three words. What’s important to me? Impacting people’s lives.

I always believe that the young people have the future. So it’s important we develop their potential, that we make them more creative and innovative.

Cue KATI...

  • KATI means ‘coming out’ in local Luo language.

  • The KATI programme is reinventing vocational training in Pader, Uganda, by nurturing a group of young entrepreneurs to find innovative ways to grow their businesses. Young entrepreneurs like 27-year old Eric, who set up "Go-Smart", the first ever solar-powered barbers in his whole sub-county.

"Go-Smart" The first ever Barbers in Lapono

“If I could fly or be invisible?” Donnas grins…
I would fly.

To make sure the people who are doing the wrong things stop doing the wrong things and the people doing the right things keep doing the right things, in an invisible way. That would be pretty cool.
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