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You’ve opened our stories scrapbook where you can meet some of the inspirational people we’ve worked with along the way. No two people are the same, so neither are two scrapbook pages...

Ebrima, County Leader War Child, Uganda


Written by Helen following time spent with War Child in Padar, Uganda.

Ebrima started out studying as a Civil Engineer, before finding himself doing a lot of work with young people and realising that was where his heart really lay. He joined War Child in 2007, as part of War Child’s expansion into new areas. He moved out to Uganda in 2008 and has been there ever since!

I see myself in a lot of these young people that I work with.

As a young person growing up in The Gambia, Ebrima came from a very similar background to a lot of the young people he works with. He walked 14km to go to school and didn’t have a pair of shoes for about 3 or 4 years of primary school career. In his words, what brought him to where he is now - 'dedication, commitment, passion, and anger, as well at the need to be somebody, to get ahead and be successful.'

What I want War Child to be doing in Uganda is not to take over young people's lives and make them dependent on us, but to stand behind them and just give them a little push. Once young people have that, they are brave they are angry, they're out there, they want opportunities, they will take it and they will become somebody in the future. Ebrima, 14-02-12
Ebrima Saidy, Padar, Uganda. War Child is Forward Foundation Charity of the Year 2012.
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