The Foundation has now closed. This site is no longer maintained, and is for reference only. Be sure to explore the insights from our four year journey.

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Our team

We’d like to introduce you to a few faces around The Foundation. We’re an eclectic bunch, with a range of backgrounds, skills and experience. Here’s our trailers...

Our team

Michael Fuller

I am Michael Fuller, Director

I've been working in the voluntary sector for the past 10 years. My thing is starting up (and delivering) big projects. ActionAid and Save the Children were kind enough to let me do that for them on a global scale.

Why that photo? I love to travel to far off places. Here I am trekking in northern Laos. In case it crossed your mind, I’m not drinking a liquid by- product of the body. I’m not that adventurous.

You might not know that I once drove up London’s Oxford Street in a pick- up truck and dumped two tonnes of shoes outside a footwear retailer to promote the ethical treatment of animals (and to dispense with part of my girlfriend’s shoe collection).

Anna Chojnicka

I am Anna Chojnicka, Head of Programmes

I've been working with young people for 10 years, from teaching English in a Costa Rican primary school to working at an education-focused startup before joining The Foundation, where I run our Launchpad programme. The organisations we work with are doing great things to transform young lives and it's a privilege to be able to help them do that.

Why that photo? A couple of years ago I traded in a sunny summer holiday for a week in the Scottish Highlands. It was freezing and I’d just caught a piece of rag out of the North Sea. It was glorious.

You might not know I once played a child zombie in a film. I was 24 at the time.

Suraj Vadgama

I am Suraj Vadgama, Head of Digital

I've been working as a leadership coach in the UK and Africa for the past 5 years, with clients ranging from private banks to young people in Kenya and Sierra Leone. In the mix of this all I have been freelancing as a digital artist, with work ranging from animation to web design.

Why that photo? I'm all about adventure and challenging myself. The picture was taken in Oman, and for me symbolises the spirit of adventure and the desire to look forward and constantly develop through new and exciting challenges. Maybe that's why I was drawn to The Foundation with it's values of Adventurous and Going Further.

You might not know that I'm originally from Kenya, and trained as a computer animator.

Bobbi Byrne

I am Bobbi Byrne, Partnerships Manager

I've been working with young people for over ten years, from writing and delivering leadership workshops in New York and South Africa, to coaching basketball across the UK, to working within the Youth Justice system.

Why that photo? I adore being in, on and even under the sea! Aside from being a haven of fun it also provides a small existential moment, one of total privacy.

You might not know that I am also a professional actress, and love cheese and star wars (sometimes at the same time).

Board of Trustees

Neil Hutchinson

I am Neil Hutchinson, Founder & Managing Director at Forward

I’ve been helping grow Forward from a one-man-band to one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the UK. I set up the The Foundation after my late mentor, Frank Herman, inspired me to ‘do some good along the way, son’.

Why that photo? It was taken for the Tech Track 100 2007, just as an image to try to get additional exposure in the supplement. It did - I was the page 3 boy.

You might not know that one of my crowning glories was reaching the last 32 (out of 512) in the world rock paper scissors championships in 2006. My friend Bob won,

Ade Sofola

I am Ade Sofola, a Trustee of The Foundation

I've been a director for an active citizenship project working with disadvantaged young people in the UK – getting them to campaign to improve their local communities. I am currently a Programme Manager for a global educational NGO based in London. In my spare time, I support a freedom of information project in Nigeria.

Why that photo? I love drinking soft drinks in bottles with a straw! It reminds me of my childhood in Nigeria. This photo was taken in the beautiful botanical Aburi Gardens in Ghana: sun, plants, red West African soil and a bottle of sprite = my idea of heaven!

You might not know that I used to represent people who were at risk of receiving the death penalty in the state of Georgia and I have an infectious laugh.

James Glick

I am James Glick, Comms Director at Forward3D and Trustee of The Foundation

I've been working at Forward3D, Forward Internet Group's digital marketing agency, since 2010 helping support the growth of the agency through its teams and clients. Before that I spent time at another agency and was actually a web developer originally after university.

Why that photo? Camping through southern and eastern Africa for a month was a real eye opener for me. This photo from that trip is one of my favourites as although the two lions are the centre piece of the moment, what you can't see is an eagle about to fly worryingly close to the right side of my head. Scared the living daylights out of me but still managed to maintain some sort of a smile.

You might not know despite my non-athletic frame, I'm a keen runner and ran the London Marathon in 2013 as well as 5 half marathons in the last year and a half!

Nadège René

I am Nadège René, Trustee of The Foundation

I've been doing a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy and working with children and young people for the past four years, particularly within the care system.

Why that photo? This photo was taken when I was working for the National Citizen Service (NCS), after a day of doing art for the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

You might not know that I wrote a collection of children's philosophy poems called Secret Door Philo-etry. And I love Disney and (herbal) Tea, and Michael Jackson and Disney :)


We have a team of talented Associates who provide a young voice and perspective. They help guide ideas and decisions, making sure we’re finding the most effective ways to support young people.


I am Kwabena Osei-Kuffuor

I’ve been working voluntarily for different organisations while studying at the same time. I have a thing for helping bring out potential in others, especially youths.

Why that photo? Oh, you didn't know? I'm the king of Supermalt's true :)

You might not know I've secretly planning my own ways to take over the world. That and suffering from random fits of dancing.


I am Sandra Kagona

I’ve been for the first time with the big house theatre company who introduced me to the The Foundation, and what they do. and now i'm here!

Why that photo? Taken two years ago at an art exhibition in bethnal green, I'd planned to skating afterwards so i had my skates with me but that coupled with the outfit made me look like a proper tomboy!

You might not know I once thought I was on to a genius business idea and emailed one of the dragons from dragons den about it. they never got back to me.


I am Frankie Conway

I’ve been involved in a lot of youth work, both in a voluntary and paid capacity. I have coached athletics to young athletes at my local running club Orion Harriers, as well as in a local primary school. I currently work for a youth arts charity called Bigga Fish where I have facilitated revision workshops in schools. I am really excited to be involved with the The Foundation as I have a real passion for supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

Why that photo? This photo was taken during a recent trip to Brazil during the World Cup, where I visited Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with five friends from university. The experience was unforgettable. This picture sums up a lot of the colour, verve and vibrancy of the Brazilian culture, where the friendly, bubbly and infectious people really set the tone for the carnival like atmosphere that enveloped the tournament.

You might not know that I am a really keen long distance runner. I was 4th in Essex Cross Country Championships, where I gained selection to run for my county in the UK Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships. I love the fact running is a difficult challenge and progress and rewards are hard to achieve. It inspires you to train harder, think creatively and you learn to really enjoy your successes when they come around.


I am Ozlem Unat

I’ve been on a gap year: teaching children how to debate, visiting schools to deliver interactive sessions on humanitarian issues, befriending young refugees, writing articles for an online publication, working in the arts and heritage sector, all while doing an extra A-Level and other studies.

Why that photo? I wish I had a photo of me doing something important or at an important time in my life. But I dislike posed pictures. So this is probably the best picture to describe me as a person: candid and expressive.

You might not know that I have a goal to one day go on a survival holiday, where I will learn to live and survive in the wilderness. Hopefully I will go on several, all in different climates and ecosystems.

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